Tsurugi Linux

Tsurugi Linux is a D.F.I.R. (Digital Forensics and Incident Response Distribution) gnulinux distribution derived from Ubuntu, and developed by the Tsurugi Linux team which consists of Giovanni Rattaro, Marco Giorgi, Davide Gabrini, Francesco Picasso, Massimiliano Dal Cero, and Antonio Broi.

Content Generation

Content generation is defined as the process of combining valid content specific characters (or sets of characters) to create new content.

Data Generation

Data generation is defined as the process combining raw data characters to create new data, and indirectly create content.


Lign (pronounced "line") is defined as a type of operating system which contains a combination of the Linux kernel, and GNU system.


Xubuntu is a free Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distro created and developed by Canonical Inc.


#OS is a free GNU/Linux distro created and developed by the Beyound Foundation.

Full Virtualization

Full virtualization is a type of computer virtualization in which a computer emulator fully emulates all virtual hardware components.
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